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Company SHM Industries

SHM Industries is one of the leading fuel storage tanks fabricators in the Middle East and Africa, producing not less than 600 tanks per year. SHM Industries tanks with associated services are designed and supplied to the main fuel retailers in the region for over 30 years. SHM Industries factory, located in Obour City Egypt, was the birthplace of the first double wall fuel tank in the Middle East.

Mission SHM Industries

Delivering highest-quality forecourt equipment, technology and services, with a sustainable profit, according to the highest standards and most recent concepts to our oil and petrol beneficiary clients in the Middle East and Africa exceeding their expectations and winning their delight. Implementing creative, productive, qualitative, motivated and continuous innovative, health and safety environment under the umbrella of moral ethics.

Fuel Tanks

Fuel Storage Tanks :SHM Industries manufactures above and under ground storage tanks which could be single or double wall. The aboveground tanks could be vertical or horizontal oriented.

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SHM Industries mobile skid is a fuel storage tank surrounded by a metal structure for easy loading and transportation.

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In addition to the supplied products, SHM Industries offers the following services:

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A Station In One Box

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To be a global leader in products, services and integrated solutions provider in the world of oil and gas equipment while being environmentally friendly.

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